Thursday, February 27, 2020


  Komantri Maa Boli March which started from Lyallpur Khalsa School, Nakodar Chowk to Desh Bhagat Yaadgari Hallin order to boost the significance and present day relevance of Punjabi language.Before taking part in the march, Principal of Sacred Hearts College of Education, Barnala,Dr. Tirath singh, delivered a lecture on the importance of mother language in the overall growth of society. He said the government and non-government institutions should promote Punjabi. The student-teachers carried banners, posters and raised slogans showing their love for punjabi language and its role in promoting universal brotherhood. A large number of students took part in it with zeal and enthusiasm.
Principal Dr. Arjinder Singh said that it is very beneficial and important for all to participate in such events for preservation, transmission and development of Mother tongue, culture and heritage. Student-teachers took pledge to save Punjabi language from Western impact and to promote multilingualism in India.

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